The Journey To My Camera

When my husband Roy passed away suddenly after just 5 years of marriage, I was devastated.  For my healing, I spent as much time as possible on my paddle board.  It was my quiet place to connect to myself and Mother Nature and grieve. I felt supported by the ocean and comforted by dolphins, turtles, fish, a few sharks, and to my surprise, even a whale.  

After a year of paddling, Roy must have known I was in need of help.  I was alive, but I wasn’t really living. I was going through the motions of life but had no passion or zest for living.  He came to me in a dream one night, took me to a shopping mall and led me to the camera counter. He said, “I want you to have this Canon professional camera for Christmas.”  The dream was so vivid, I awoke knowing he visited me. I thought about buying a camera for a few weeks and I decided I didn’t want to wait until Christmas.  It was April 2017 when I had the dream, and I couldn’t wait.  

With my new camera in hand, while taking sunrise photos, a white egret started showing up, walking the beach with me and posing for photos.  He was named Francis by my Facebook friends. I credit him for introducing me to the personalities of birds.  Who knew taking pictures of birds would breathe passion back into my life, giving me a renewed sense of excitement and joy? About 6 months later I had another dream where I was photographing orcas in the water. The next night, February 18, 2018, I was in the water snapping photos of dolphins at sunset and starting relationships with my new flippered friends.

My intention of this website is:

  • Share the joy of being in the moment, connected to Mother Nature.

  • Share messages from Mother Nature.

  • Capture the personalities, energy and love from the sea shore.

Being a professional CranioSacral therapist taught me how to blend with my clients without being attached to the outcome of their healing path. I utilize that same technique to blend with Mother Nature, to be present to whatever shows up in front of my lens.

When I'm not taking photos, I offer Ocean Floats which provide the opportunity for people to let go of emotional and physical pain while restoring balance.  The Ocean Floats take place in calm, warm ocean water, providing a safe place to connect both inward and to Mother Nature.  If you would like to learn more about the Ocean Float, please visit