Think happy thoughts and you can fly!

What a gorgeous sunrise! The color show was truly wonderful. The reflection on the sand before the sun came up was breathtaking.

As the sun was coming up Pelican Highway traffic picked up while the dolphins played just past the waves. The dolphins bring us the message of play! They remind us to how joy can elevate our mood and energy. If Tinker Bell was here, She'd say, "Think happy thoughts and you can fly."

Wishing you all a very joyful day!

Peek a boo

Peek a boo


Diving into Nature until Tuesday morning

I'll be offline until Tuesday morning, going to dive into nature, have some laughs and take a nap.  :)

Thank You for all your support! 
See you Tuesday!


Smiling snail says, "Life is unfolding perfectly"

The rain is gone and sun is back! The pre sunrise was extra calm and peaceful with subtle colors. The ocean was still a bit churned up but that didn't stop Pelican Highway from cruising the waves. 

I'm always having conversations with wildlife or should I say, I talk to them. The seagull photo is a good example of the look I get when I'm talking to them. 

Have you ever seen a snail smile? Me either until today. The snail brings us the message of enjoying an easy pace. When you feel like things are taking forever, the snail says, "Remember all is unfolding perfectly." "Stay in the moment and trust." 

Wishing you a beautiful day friends!


Washback turtles brings us the message of perseverance

There is a tropical storm moving across the state of Florid today bringing lots of wind and rain so I thought I'd share some photos that didn't make the sunrise posts. 

Although the dolphins haven't been around as much lately the turtles have been abundant. And it's 'washback' season. 

Can you imagine swimming 30-75 miles out to sea, finding your little piece of seaweed for a well deserved rest, breathing a sigh of relief you didn't get eaten, only to be washed back to shore? A message of perseverance for sure! 

The washbacks can be hard to see on the beach because they blend in with the seaweed, but if you do find one, please give it to a washback watcher (a person with bucket collecting turtles) or to a lifeguard. They will make sure they make it to the hospital for assistance. Thank you for not putting them back in the ocean. My guess is the tropical storm will bring more to our beaches, thanks for keeping an eye out for our babies. 

Have a groovy day friends!

Oh so very tired

Oh so very tired

A very tired baby loggerhead turtle

A very tired baby loggerhead turtle

Baby blending in with the seaweed

Baby blending in with the seaweed

I love it when the turtles cruise by me in the lagoon.

I love it when the turtles cruise by me in the lagoon.

Shake off the stress and negative energy

Holy color explosion Batman! Before the sun showed up the cloud ceiling was illuminated with so many colors it took my breath away. The emotion and passion of the sunrise was palpable. I was mesmerized with the waves catching the light. 

The seagull flock was enjoying the cool temperatures. A red egret stopped by to give us the message of shaking off the stress and negative energy. When you shake it off there is more room for serenity and happy thoughts. 

Wishing you a happy day filled with love.


The osprey says, "Go for it!"

The pre sunrise sky had a beautiful pink glow just below the cloud formation on the horizon. The sun was slow to come up this morning giving us a dark and and stormy feeling to the sunrise. 

The breeze was chilly for Florida. The seagull flock was the 'wave' taking off in spurts then returning for bath time then repeating. An osprey flew over me, gave me the eye as if to say, "Are you ready?" then dove for breakfast just a few feet away. 

He missed his catch on this particular dive bringing us a powerful message. He encourages us to 'Go for it! He said, "It's about the journey and experience, even if you don't grab your goal, give it your all and see what unfolds." 

Thanks Mr. Osprey for the close connection and great message. Have a groovy day friends!

_MG_84013 copy.jpg

Hope, Abundance and Community

A sunrise with every color of the rainbow and a double rainbow to boot! The pre sunrise sky filled with a vibrant pink that morphed into a deep golden orange glow before the sun even made an appearance. There was so much going on this morning it was challenging to photograph it all. As I was switching lenses, I was so excited to see a dolphin leaping out of the ocean. With the rainbow and unique colors, I half expected a unicorn to come prancing down the beach. 

The flock said, "Come this way to the pot of gold!" The rainbow and seagulls bring us the message of hope, abundance and community. Thank you Mother Nature for the abundance of colors, beauty and feathered friends! 

Wishing you a day filled with rainbows and unicorns.


Heart bursting beauty!

From start to finish the sunrise was a spectacular color explosion in the sky and on the water. The energy was expansive and heart opening. The ocean was calm except for the perfect waves waiting for the surfers. 

Pelican Highway was cruising southbound with light traffic. The seagull crew were in a fun mood wanting to connect. Bath time was a hoot today. 

The message today comes from the color show, encouraging us to enjoy the beauty of nature as a way to release stress and tension. Soothing color can calm our nerves and bring us peace. 

Wishing you a peaceful day filled with heart bursting beauty.

Pre sunrise painting

Pre sunrise painting

IMG_832623 copy.jpg

Subtle power and spontaneity

A magical and powerful start to the day! As the sun was rising it cuddled the full moon with a warm pink and purple blanket. As the moon got close to setting it became more and more subtle but not less powerful. The setting moon brings us the message that even if you can't see something doesn't mean it isn't there. An adorable dolphin popped up as the moon was setting to say Hi! She said, "Be spontaneous and even though it’s a Monday, have a fun day!" 

Have a groovy day friends!

_MG_811623 copy.jpg
Subtle yet powerful!

Subtle yet powerful!


Full moon and a falcon bring the message of hunting

The ginormous full moon set over the Indian River Lagoon just before the sunrise. The combination of the full moon and sunrise was magical and powerful. The October moon is called the Harvest moon because it signaled the time for hunters to prepare for winter. This moon brings with it the possibility of enhancing our emotions and the hope of abundance in the winter. 

I had the pleasure of seeing 2 peregrine falcons hunting for breakfast. They bring the message to strategize your next moves. They remind us to plan, then zero in our goal to achieve the desired results. 

The moon and falcon come together to bring a powerful message of hunting for what our heart desires. 

Have a beautiful day friends!

IMG_789623 copy.jpg
IMG_984023 copy.jpg

Go within to be bold on the outside.

The pre sunrise show was subdued with a soft color mixture making the sand and sky turn bronze. The wind was a little calmer today and the surfing waves are making a return. The birds were also back this morning. I found myself in the middle of an egret party celebrating the sushi buffet and sweet sunrise.

This egret wanted to be close and meditate with me. He said, "Take time to go within, calm your inner self so you can be bold on the outside." He was all about closeness, connection and showing off his wild side.

Have a groovy day friends!

meditation is good for the soul

meditation is good for the soul

I’m sexy and I know it

I’m sexy and I know it


You are free to choose your path

The cold front moved through leaving us with a refreshing 75 degree morning. I'm sure my northern friends are laughing at that statement ....cold front and 75 degrees. The wind is still with us and the ocean current is still very strong. The sunrise looked different in every direction giving us lots of variety.

All the birds were sleeping in this morning except for 2 vultures. It felt a little strange not to see my other feathered friends.

Although vultures are not my favorite birds, they do bring a powerful message. The vulture reminds us we are always free to choose your path. They remind us to use all our senses and to be flexible while moving forward. Go ahead, stretch your wings and go for what your heart desires.

Wishing you a beautiful day friends!


Rainy day love post

It's raining and the power is out so I thought I'd share a love story. 

Tales from the Lagoon~ Episode- Can you feel the love? 

A few more photos of Baby Ruby and Momma Jade. On this day I met baby Ruby and Momma Jade for the first time. I said to momma, "Can I meet your baby?" A couple minutes later momma swam by me on my left, I thought she was just grabbing a fish but then much to my surprise, baby Ruby popped up! Ruby waved her flipper at me (the photo I missed but caught her flipper) landed on mom and they swam by together. 

Baby and momma are very affectionate with each other. Ruby was all over momma, constantly touching, snuggling and kissing. Made my heart want to explode with love just watching. 

Disclaimer: I haven't seen Ruby's belly so I don't know she is a girl, just a feeling.

BABY Ruby!

BABY Ruby!

Lovin’ on her momma

Lovin’ on her momma

The photo I missed as she waved

The photo I missed as she waved

A smooth landing on momma

A smooth landing on momma

Baby tail

Baby tail

I love you

I love you

Birds's eye view

It was a dark and stormy start to our day. Looking north there was an ominous rain cloud and in contrast to the south the light poked trough bringing a hue of pink. 

Only a few birds were out today. The seagulls remind us to float above our life to get a new perspective. They say use the power of the "bird's-eye view" to know what to do next. 

Have a beautiful day friends!


Plentiful messengers today

It was a stormy sunrise this morning with heavy dark clouds looming. The ocean was churning with vibrant energy. Despite the low light the wildlife came out to play! 

What a day! I walked the beach with a red egret having breakfast, found a loggerhead washback and spent time with the dolphins having breakfast before the sun was up. 

The messages today are plentiful. The channel marker brings the message to look for the beacon that guides our path. Even when the waves are rough, the light is there. 

The egret says, "Be in the moment, ready to seize the next opportunity." 

And the baby turtle reminds us we can overcome any obstacle. We have the strength and support to conquer what is in front of us. 

The dolphin says, "Along the way, take a little time for some play." 

WOW what a powerful day! Have a groovy day!

A baby loggerhead turtle washed back to shore on seaweed. This tired nugget was given to a certified turtle watcher who will make sure he gets care before being released.

A baby loggerhead turtle washed back to shore on seaweed. This tired nugget was given to a certified turtle watcher who will make sure he gets care before being released.

Before sunrise play time.

Before sunrise play time.


Cuddle day

Mother Nature brought us a soothing thunder storm instead of sunrise this morning so the message today is from the dolphins saying, "It's a good day for love and cuddles." 

Have a great day friends!


Bald eagle says, "Seize the day!"

The seagulls and I were hunkered down as a flock this morning taking shelter from the whipping wind. The sunrise was nearly void of color until the sun popped out with vibrant golden rays that filled the horizon. 

Willy the Willet flew in with a high five. The bald eagles are back in town and this one was being very chatty as he flew by with breakfast. The eagle reminds us to stretch past what we think are our limits. They are fierce and very good at taking care of their needs. They encourage us to be courageous and go after what our heart desires. He said, "What are you waiting for?" "Seize the day!"

Wishing you groovy day friends!


Baby turtles, rainbows and reflections, oh my!

Baby turtles, rainbows and reflections, oh my! Life is so sweet today! Mother Nature started with a cloud formation that looked like the Mother ship from the movie Close Encounters. The mother ship eventually moved on land bringing a sun shower and a double rainbow. I'm pretty sure I found the pot of gold in the sea oats. 

A sweet and powerful message from the baby loggerhead turtle and the rainbow. Together they bring us the message of hope, persistence, and longevity. They ask us to remember the sweet spots in life because they give us fuel to soar. 

Thank You Linda Addalia, a turtle tracker who walks the beach looking for the wee washbacks. The turtles are so grateful! 

If you find a wash back please give them to the lifeguards so they can give them to the Marine Science Center who will release them when they are strong enough. 

Wishing you a day in the sweet spot of life!


Pelicans remind us to be in alignment for a smooth ride

Mother Nature was feeling very creative today with lots of colors, reflections and cloud formations. The ocean was a bit calmer but still full of energy. The breeze was light and full of yummy salt for my lungs. 

Pelican Highway was in full swing today! Heavy traffic off shore and cruising along the shoreline. They bring the message of being in alignment with what our heart desires. They said, "To be in line with what you want, check to make sure your thoughts, feelings and beliefs match what you want." The seagull said, "When you are in alignment, you will know because you feel like skipping through your day." It's the same feeling when your tires on your car are all lined up, you get a smoooooth ride. 

Have a smooth day friends!



_MG_9686233 copy.jpg

Dance, romance and love

What a heart opening, beautiful morning! The sun and clouds came together to create a masterful light burst. The light bouncing off the sand and water was truly breathtaking.

We have a message of passion and love brought to us by a couple of egrets. As I was photographing one egret, a long lost friend/love flew in to say hello! They danced around, gave each other a hug then flew off together into the sunrise.

Wishing you a day filled with dancing, romance and love.

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