New Smyrna Beach has a new resident

We have a new NSB resident! 

My friend named the baby Ruby and another friend named the momma Jade.

Jade has a little piece missing from her dorsal fin making her easy to identify. She is a very sweet momma, smiles a lot and seems to love teaching Ruby.

Although Ruby loves to roll on her back I haven't seen her belly yet, so I'm not sure she is girl, but for now we are going with Ruby. My guess is little Ruby is 2-3 months old, she loves to swim fast and mingle with the pod. She isn't shy, and seems to have a little wanderlust, which can make life challenging for momma.

Many people think dolphins are too smart to get hit by boats but the truth is they can get distracted, especially if they are fishing, mating or chasing after a baby. Please, if you are in a boat and see a pod of dolphins give them a little space as you pass. Thanks!


An invitation to love ourselves and others more

When I walked out my door I was greeted by the huge full moon. I love the powerful energy of the sun rising while the full moon sets. 

The first thing I saw when I stepped on the beach was a pod of dolphins cruising north just past the waves. Most of the seagulls have headed north except for a couple who flew by looking for snacks. 

The April full moon is called the pink moon because it is present when the wildflowers are blooming. This full moon represents collaboration, romance, pleasure and justice. This moon encourages us to rest deeper into our hearts with an invitation to love ourselves and each other more. 

Wishing you Love today and everyday.


Stop, rest and refuel

The wind was whipping this morning and Mother Nature plans to ramp it up even more as the day goes on. Pelican Highway was stopping at rest stops often to fill up on gas in preparation for the big storm on the way. The egrets and willets were also taking breaks as they tried to get down the beach against the wind. 

The birds from this morning encourage us to stop, rest and refuel, even if just a for a few minutes. They remind us how rest is an important part of keeping our momentum. The physical body appreciates the time to reboot and restore, especially when the winds of life ramp up. 

Wishing you a day of ease.

PS~ The last 2 photos are from yesterdays adventure in the lagoon. Love was in the air and the water.


Shake it Up says the shark

The pre sunrise color was soft and muted but as soon as the sun poked through the clouds not he horizon the rays of light and color filled the sky. The breeze was just enough to keep the bugs away. 

As I was watching the morning come to life a baby shark swam in to grab a few fish and say hello. The shark reminds us that opportunities in life are abundant. However, it is necessary to move forward to create those opportunities. The shark encourages us to move and shake up the energy to create a change. Movement doesn't have to be physical, it can be mental, emotional or even spiritual. The shark says, "Set the intention for movement and see what unfolds." 

Shake it up baby!

IMG_81523 (1).jpg

Tales from the lagoon

The last week has been amazing in the lagoon. The manatees are starting to return, lots of bird species are flying through and so any dolphin ready to play. It seems after a year of spending time with the dolphins I have been accepted into the pod rather than feeling like an outsider. It feels to me that they are including me in the fun. Even the pelicans and I are getting closer. They seem much more comfortable with me and at times fly within inches of me. I have to say, it is an honor and an amazing feeling to be a part of the flock and the pod.

The first 3 photos are photos of the excitement. The next 2 photos are of Momma and Indy. Indy was born around May 1 last year. I know who Momma is because she has a rope entanglement scar. She has been helping her rope scar for a year and half and it is looking really good! She is very, very sweet. She is teaching Indy the ropes and is very patient teacher.

The last 3 photos are from are of a few of the pelicans I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know.

If you are on Facebook, I share the daily stories of the lagoon on my Shelley Lynch Photography Facebook page.

Have a great day!


A Day with Ease

The light started off with a little pink and gold hue filling the sky. The wind was breezy and the ocean was churning like a washing machine, felt like Mother Nature was having a messy hair day. Pelican Highway was in full swing, flying by pretty quickly with the help fo he wind. 

Pelican highway brings us the message of alignment. They show us when they are lined up the highway flows with ease, grace and speed. When they fall out of sync, they lose their momentum. The remind us it's normal to fall out of alignment, just take a deep breath, relax and set your intention on being back in the flow. 

Wishing you a day of ease.


Flexibility and in the flow

It was a chilly and breezy sunrise this morning. The horizon was clear of clouds allowing the sun to shine big and bright. I've been trying to capture the 'green flash' for a could of years, today seemed like I got a teeny bit of green as the sun left the ocean.

Our messenger today is the skimmer. Most of the skimmers have left town but this one, flying solo came flying by grabbing breakfast. Skimmers are terrific acrobats, can turn on a dime, and fly forward while their head is looking behind them. They bring us the message of being flexible and willing to move and change with the flow of life.

Wishing you a day in the flow.


Relax and trust in the timing

It was a windy and cool morning today. The air was crisp while the fog and humidity take the day off. The ocean was calm except for a few waves close to shore. 

Pelican Highway traffic was light but the fe who flew by seemed extra floaty on the way by, really enjoying letting the wind arty them down the beach. 

An osprey flew by for a moment of eye contact and to pass on the message of the day. The osprey know how to dive in, grab what they need and move forward. The osprey reminds us to stay in the moment so we are ready to seize the moment when information and opportunities arise. He said, "Relax, trust in the timing." 

Have a groovy day friends!


Sunset Dolphin Party!

A few days ago I asked if more than one dolphin could jump out of the water and last night they did! My new request is that they jump when the sun is out :)

I can't put into words what it was like to see so many dolphin jumping and playing. There was action everywhere! There is a good chance they were making a baby too! And to top it off in the middle of the mayhem, a manatee swam by and brushed its entire body on my calves on the way by. I let out a little scream from my surprise. WOW! Feeling super groovy!


Trust your inner wisdom

A lovely, soft and sweet Sunday sunrise brought to you by Mother Nature. A light mist in the air, a gentle breeze accompanied by loads of fluffy clouds created a mystical sunrise.

The fish were abundant this longing because an egret flew in to grab a little breakfast while Pelican Highway was slamming on the breaks to snatch up a little nutrition. On my way back from the beach, a gorgeous white heron sporting his fancy mating colors flew by to say good morning.  

The egret/heron bring the message of looking deeper to know what you really want. They remind us we can trust our inner wisdom. They also encourage us to be grounded and ready to seize the opportunities that arise quickly.

Wishing you a sweet Sunday!


Be open to new ideas and opportunities

This morning the sunrise was one of the most magical, beautiful displays by Mother Nature I have ever seen. A combination of a soft layer of fog and huge fluffy clouds soaking up the pink, purple light gave us a breathtaking experience. 

As I walked on the beach and saw the beauty, I was also greeted by a couple of ducks. They said, "WOW check out this sunrise!" The duck reminds us to take note of our surroundings and be open to new ideas and opportunities. Ducks can move swiftly and encourage us to be in the moment so we are aware and ready to move quickly. 

Wishing you a day filled with heart exploding beauty and love.

My first view of the sunrise

My first view of the sunrise


Speak from your heart

I apologize for being so late with the sunrise photos, I couldn’t drag myself out of the water because the dolphins started playing shortly after sunrise and stayed for hours. The last 2 photos are from the sunrise last night. I shared more on Facebook on my Shelley Lynch Photography page.

As the sun came up from behind the huge cloud formation on the horizon, rays of light jetted out filling the sky with beams of gold. The beach was huge again courtesy of low tide. The breeze was soft and soothing to my skin. 

We have a couple of messengers today. I think the bird is a crow. He was taking a walk on the beach looking for snacks. He was very persistent in wanting to have a conversation. He reminds us to share our thoughts and feelings rather than keeping them inside. Our second messenger is the dolphin who reminds us to speak those feelings from the heart with tender loving care. And as always, take time to jump and play! 

Wishing you an amazing day!


Go within to find your zen

It was a sweet and peaceful sunrise this morning. The mountain of clouds on the horizon looked like they were giving the sun a big hug as it passed through. The breeze was light and gratefully kept the noseeums away. The tide was low again giving us lots of refections. 

Willy stopped by to share some Willet wisdom. He said, "Us willets take time to go within. We relax into our inner zen, then take action. The rewards are plenty." 

Wishing you a zen kinda day!


Giggle until your tummy hurts

Mother Nature brought us a bluesy, calm, expansive feeling sunrise this morning. She was reflective this morning, using the sand and water as her canvas. With low cloud cover, the light was really low giving us a quiet and peaceful start to the day. 

The maternity pod of dolphins were playful this morning! The last photo is of baby catching a fish and it landing on her nose (rostrum). I'm not sure but this baby feels like a girl. She was full of giggles and silly energy. The adults in the pod were extra happy as well, throwing and chasing fish with lots of smiles and playful energy. 

Baby brings the reminder to play, laugh and be silly! It felt like she was saying, "Don't take life so seriously, go ahead giggle until your tummy hurts."

An adult grabbing breakfast.

An adult grabbing breakfast.

baby kicking’ it

baby kicking’ it

baby tossing a fish on her rostrum while giggling.  :)

baby tossing a fish on her rostrum while giggling. :)

A few photos from the lagoon yesterday

In case you are not on facebook I wanted to share a few photos from yesterday in the lagoon. I’m super excited that I saw the first manatee of the season. There are more and more turtles causing around and the dolphin have been extra playful with spring in the air and loads of yellowtail and sheepshead to eat.

“Hey you gonna eat that or just swim with it?”  said the pelican

“Hey you gonna eat that or just swim with it?” said the pelican

Follow the signs

With rain on the way the air was humid and breezy. The cloud cover was soft like fluffy cotton balls letting the light gently seep through. The bird traffic was light this morning probably sleeping in to avoid the rain. 

The lighthouse has two purposes, it warns boats of dangerous areas and is used for navigational purposes. Although our best navigational tool is our heart, the lighthouse reminds us there are external signs all around guiding us on our journey. Not to worry, your heart will recognize the signs. 

Have a beautiful day!


Staying centered in the winds of life

I love when the tide is low giving Mother Nature a wide open sandy canvas to create reflective sunrises. The sun was huge again this morning starting off a lovely mauve color and changing to a vibrant orange red glow. 

An osprey was trying to balance on a Garmin device used to measure wind on top of a sailboat mast. I was impressed by his ability to stay centered while the instrument moved in the wind with him on it. 

He brings the message of staying centered and balanced while life blows us around. He said, "Staying centered is the key to enjoying the journey, so relax and enjoy the ride!"


No need to hoard your nuts

It was another serene sunrise courtesy of a heavy layer of fog. The sun looked like a ginormous Easter egg as it greeted us for the day, lighting up the ocean and sky with a gorgeous orange color show. 

Sometimes the messenger is more subtle, but not today. This squirrel ran right in front of me, stopped and stood up just like in the Geico commercial. She said, "Listen, this is very important, the message is to lighten our load of things that are unnecessary. These are things we have gathered in the past and may be cluttering our life now. Things may include our thoughts, worries, people and physical clutter. She said, if your not a squirrel, there is no need to hoard your nuts.  :)

Have a happy day friends!


Perspective and flow

WOW, Mother Nature was exceptionally beautiful this morning. The air was calm with a soothing layer of salty fog hanging over the beach. The ocean was calm with slow rolling waves. With the absence of clouds, the sun was able to show off her big beautiful brightness.
We have a couple of messengers today. One is the pelican surfing the waves who reminds us to follow the flow of energy. Use the waves of life to help you reach your destination.

The second is from the boat and sun. They remind us about perspective, depending on your vantage point, things may seem really big or really small. Relax, take a step back and look at things from a different view.
Wishing you a day in the the flow.

I'll be at The Hub today from 10-12:30, stop by and say hello if you are in the neighborhood.


Compassion from a stranger

A thunder storm was rolling in as the sun was coming up so I grabbed my oversize raincoat and headed to the beach. Mother Nature gave me about 5 minutes to grab a few photos before the rain drops started to come. 

I stuffed my camera in my raincoat and started to jog home. A lady saw me jogging to get out of the rain. I was looking a little disheveled, wet, carrying a backpack with a large belly where my camera was hiding. She stopped in the rain with her dog and asked me, "Are you ok, do you need anything?" I was a little confused and said, "I'm good, just grabbing a few photos of the sunrise. 

She thought I was homeless and might like to have a hot shower and a hot meal. She said, "I think it's important we are decent human beings." I thought to myself, How wonderful and loving! I felt cared for and loved. 

This lovely woman is a Shineadoor! My late husband came up with the name Shineadoor for people who are shining the light and helping others. He also started the phrase, There will always be good in the world." He wanted people to remember there is good despite the negativity. 

Thank you lovely stranger for giving us the message of compassion. May it spread like a wildfire across the planet. 

Wishing you a day filled with love.