Splash away your stress and tension

The pre sunrise color show was spectacular with rays of pink shooting out from behind the clouds. Once the sun came out from the behind the clouds, it filled the sky a vibrant golden glow. 

Pelican Highway was in full swing with heavy traffic going both directions. Traffic on the Pelican Higheay has picked up quite a bit in the last week, they must have family in town for Thanksgiving. 

Our message today comes from a seagull and a pelican, who remind us to play in the water. All types of water are good for the soul. So whether you are playing in the ocean, snow, rain, lake or bathtub, take a few minutes to splash off the stress and tension. 

Wishing you a joyful day!


There is always enough

As I walked on the beach I was lucky enough to find a rest stop for Pelican Highway. They were stopping for a snacks then cruising low to their next stop. 

The pre sunrise was almost void of color but as soon as the sun started to peek through the sky filled with pink, orange, and gold. 

The message today comes from Pelican Highway. They remind us to wait patiently while keeping focus for our goals. They say, "Release your fear of lack. There is always enough to share." They also encourage ease, grace and finesse. 

Wishing you a day of focus and ease.

IMG_413133 copy.jpg
 “Hey lady!  I want to be in your blog too! “

“Hey lady! I want to be in your blog too! “

Smile, Laugh, Play!

A crisp and clear sunrise brought to you by Mother Nature. The pre sunrise colors were a soft pink that quickly switched to a deep orange that filled the sky. 

Today the message is brought to you from a pod of dolphins and the ocean waves. They both remind us to play and have fun! The dolphins remind us its fun to smile, laugh and be goofy. 

Wishing you a day filled with laughter and joy.


Tap into your strength and soar!

Winter is visiting Florida today with more storm clouds and chilly temperatures. A mystical layer of steam was coming off the ocean as rays of orange light poked through the dark clouds giving us an other worldly kind of sunrise. 

Several osprey were using the wind to hover in place with little effort while searching for breakfast. 

The steamy ocean and the osprey bring us a dual message today. The ocean reminds us to release the heat (emotion) before it builds up. While the osprey brings the message of precision, patience, and fearlessness. As a predatory raptor, they are known as great warriors. Their have tremendous strength, and endurance. The osprey encourages us to progress towards our goals without ceasing, tap into your strength and soar!


Embrace your strengths.

This morning was a different kind of powerful beauty. There was a sliver of light pink just above the ocean and just below a wall of gray clouds. The dark gray clouds made the color of the ocean look even more green. The wind was whipping creating beautiful shapes in the spray off the waves. Pelican Highway traffic was light, but the seagulls traffic was heavy.  

Peg the one legged seagull has recently returned to New Smyrna Beach and came up close to say, "Hey! I'm back!" Peg was Ms. June from the 2018 calendar and brings us the message to embrace our strengths. 

Wishing you a day embracing your strengths.


Eagle reminds us to be courageous and patient.

It was windy and stormy this morning as a cold front finds its way down to Florida. The morning started out dark with gray fluffy clouds looming close. When the sun came out from behind the clouds the sky and ocean turned a unique and vibrant golden orange color. 

A messenger wasn't appearing this morning so I said, "Mother Nature, I need a messenger please." A couple minutes later a bald eagle flew over my head. Whoa! 

"When an eagle appears, you are on notice to be courageous and stretch your limits. Do not accept the status quo, but rather reach higher and become more than you believe you are capable of. Look at things from a new, higher perspective. Be patient with the present; know that the future holds possibilities that you may not yet be able to see. You are about to take flight." ~The Eagle

IMG_10252 copy.jpg

Step back to get a better perspective

It was a dark and serene sunrise today. There was a wall of gray clouds on the horizon keeping the sun hidden and the light low. The energy felt peaceful and soft. Pelican Highway traffic has picked up a lot in the past few days. 

The seagulls have our message today. They remind us to take a moment and step back from everything on your list. Take time to look at it from a different angle. Not to worry, opportunity can come from new resources and in unexpected ways. Trust your instincts and take action to fly to new heights. 

Wishing you a groovy day!


Shake it off

Before the sun came up the sky was filled with light layer of pink dust mixed with blue sky and white puffy clouds. The beach was wide open thanks to low tide.  
There were hundreds of pelicans flying mostly southbound on Pelican Highway. I had the pleasure of spending a little time at a rest stop with a few of the flock. 

Willy the Willet came by to say he has the message for today. Willets feel at home walking on the beach and cruising the shore by flight. He reminds us to be flexible and open to doing things in different ways, try not to get stuck in a rut. 
He also knows Mondays might feel stressful, so take a minute and shake off the tension.

Relax and have a groovy day!

 Pre sunrise beauty

Pre sunrise beauty

 Shake off the stress and tension

Shake off the stress and tension

 Peek a boo

Peek a boo




A message from Penny

Hi, My name is Penny and Shelley asked me to let you know she will be back tomorrow with sunrise photos and messages from Mother Nature. She said something about going to Flagler Ave to sell her friends at an art show.


Rub-a dub- dub

I'm heading to the Flamingo Follies art show which means I'm going to miss the sunrise. Although I am very excited about the art show missing the sunrise feels like not scratching an itch. 

thought I'd share a few photos from the week that didn't make the daily post. Both Pete the pelican and Franny the egret remind us to play in the water, even if it's your bathtub.  
Rub-a-dub dub! 

Have a groovy day friends!


Slow and Steady says the turtle

The sunrise was dramatic this morning with huge storm clouds and whispy rain. The breeze was light and the air was warm and salty which felt good in my lungs. 

We have a surprise messenger today, a gorgeous sea turtle came up for air just before a wave break to say Hello! 

The Sea Turtle reminds us to go slow and steady, to trust in the process and stay in the moment. Just like the sea turtle who knows when to come up for air, you too can trust yourself and the timing of life. 

Wishing you a smooth day!

 Pre sunrise reflections

Pre sunrise reflections

 Pelican Highway cruising southbound

Pelican Highway cruising southbound

 Sea turtle saying hello!

Sea turtle saying hello!

 Rays of love and light

Rays of love and light

Find your flock and enjoy just being

The morning started with a soft and sweet pink sky that slowly became a yummy cream sickle orange. Pelican Highway traffic was cruising with lots of traffic along the shoreline. 

Pelican wisdom bring us the message today. They bring us two messages, one is to take time to enjoy the moment, enjoy just being, after all you are called Human Beings not Human Doings  :) 
The other is to find your flock and help each other surf the waves of life. 

Happy Surfing!


Peaceful healing

It was a different kind of beauty today. With a layer of fog and low light, the energy was very soft, serene and felt expansive. The ocean was calm and silky like a lake. Pelican Highway traffic was light both southbound and northbound. 

The message today is from the sweet little seagull who was bathing in the surf. She says, "Spend a little time in or near water, it's healing for your soul." 

Wishing you a peaceful day!


Blissed out on Mother Nature

WOW! I must have said WOW about 100 times this morning. The pre sunrise was spectacular. The clouds, the colors and the energy of the ocean activated my endorphins and gave me an instant high. Although the sun was hidden behind the clouds and fog, it was one of the most breathtaking sunrises I've ever seen. 

The message today is from Mother Nature. No matter where you live, take a few minutes to notice the beauty all around, it is good medicine. 

Wishing you a day filled with beauty.


A sign of hope

Mother Nature brought us a unique, colorful sunrise. There was a layer of clouds hovering like a fluffy blanket, refreshing rain drops were falling, and a vibrant rainbow lit up the sky. 

The message today is from the rainbow. 
Rainbows bring people together as a symbol of hope, peace and prosperity. They speak directly to our hearts filling us with hope of blessing to come. 

Wishing you a day filled with beauty and blessings.


Embracing 'What Is'

It was a dark and stormy sunrise. The sun peeked through the clouds for a few minutes. The wind was whipping but that didn't keep the birds from showing up for breakfast. The osprey were hovering, Pelican Highway was cruising southbound and the seagulls were flitting like a graceful ballet. 

As I walked out to the beach I was wishing for less wind. When I saw the birds, I was reminded of the saying from Star Trek, "Resistance is Futile." The birds were flying like expert acrobats, coming in hot and landing on a dime. I am always amazed at how they can use the wind to hover in mid air. Unlike me, they seemed to embrace the wind and use it to their advantage. I love bird wisdom a much needed reminder to live in the moment and embrace 'What Is' not wish for something else. 

Feeling grateful for the flock.

 Eye contact with osprey never gets old.

Eye contact with osprey never gets old.

 Pelican Art

Pelican Art

 Being a part of the flock is an amazing feeling.

Being a part of the flock is an amazing feeling.

Purification and connection

Mother Nature was very dramatic this morning! The clouds made a very complex painting on the horizon while creating a mesmerizing light show on the ocean. Winter is in town for a few hours, giving us a cold and windy sunrise.

We have a couple of messengers today. The seagull reminds us that close connections can come in many forms. The vulture, although not a favorite bird for many is an important part of our eco system. He brings us the message of rebirth, purification and creativity.
Putting it all together, the message is, "Be open to creative connections. Release the 'stuff' you no longer need and enjoy feelings of lightness."

Have a groovy day!

I’ll be at the HUB today if you are on Canal Street, come say hello!


Embrace flexibility

It was breezy sunrise this morning. The clouds on the horizon kept the sunlight muted making the sunrise feel soft and gentle. The seagulls and the osprey were having a good time using the wind to play and search for food. 

They both bring us the message of being flexible and open to making unexpected turns to reach our goal. 


 Quick, turn left!

Quick, turn left!


Loosen your grip to hold on longer

It was a serene morning with a light breeze, calm ocean and wide open sky. The traffic on Pelican Highway was light. 

The herons were plentiful this morning. Heron symbolism is teaching us how to become comfortable in uncertain situations. The tricolored heron from this morning says, "When you feel like you are hanging on by a thin rope and feeling uncomfortable, loosen your grip, relax your body and you will feel more stable. You can let go a little and still feel safe."

Wishing you a day of ease.


Embrace your strengths

The clouds are back giving us rays of light again. Despite the clouds the sun was warm and bright. Mother Nature brought us a lovely orange color show to celebrate Halloween. The seagulls were extra playful this morning as they enjoyed the great weather. 

The message today comes from 2 seagulls with injuries to their feet. Despite their injuries they continue to adapt and thrive. They remind us to embrace our strengths to soar through life with ease. 

Wishing you a day of ease.