Stormy day

It was a rainy start to the day.

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Cleansing bath time

The ocean was churning and the wind was whipping as the sun greeted through a small layer of clouds on the horizon. 

One of my favorite things to do with birds is hang in the waves while they bathe. How smart are they, getting squeaky clean while enjoying the health benefits of salt water?

Along with take time for epsom salt bath or a swim in the ocean, our message comes from the Osprey who says, "You have the ability to dive deeply into the pools of creativity and draw forth what you need to move forward."

Enjoy a cleansing salt bath and let your creativity flow!


The wind beneath your wings

It was a very sweet morning. The wind was low and the ocean was as calm as a lake. All the birds were out this morning enjoying the beauty. Dovey who I haven't seen in a while greeted me as I headed out to the beach, the seagulls were their usual playful selves, Pelican Highway traffic was really heavy, mostly southbound. 

The messenger of the the day comes from the dove, "You are receiving true divine guidance through your feelings and intuition. Trust it."
"Dove reminds us to surrender and allow the wind to support your wings. Simply get moving so that you can experience the exhilaration of flying higher and higher."

Wishing you a day of feeling the wind beneath your wings.

 Pre sunrise quiet

Pre sunrise quiet

 Aloha from Dovey

Aloha from Dovey

 Weightless suspension

Weightless suspension

 Royal tern bath time

Royal tern bath time

Shake off the stress and meditate

It was a soft and sweet sunrise this morning with subtle pinks and blues. The sun took a while to find its way through the large wall of clouds on the horizon but once it did, bam, orange and golden light filled the sky. 

Lots of birds wanting to connect today, a red egret came to say hello. Red egrets are more shy than the bold white egret. Pelican Highway was busy in both directions and the seagulls were their usual playful and dramatic flock. 

Red (the red egret) reminds us to shake off the stress and take a few minutes to connect and meditate.



 Da Boys

Da Boys

 Rest Stop on Pelican Highway

Rest Stop on Pelican Highway

Nature is great medicine

Golden rays of Love coming at you from Mother Nature!
Pelican Highway traffic was heavy going southbound. The breeze was light and the ocean calm. The golden rays jetting through the clouds were spectacular.

Mr. Egret says, "Open your arms and take the beauty into your heart, nature is great medicine."

Wishing you a day filled with beauty.


"You got to let it out"

The pre sunrise was subdued with little color, but once the sun emerged the golden orange light show really popped. 

Our messenger this morning is Grumpy Seagull. Can you feel him? Can you feel his mood through his eyes? He was squaking up a storm, he just needed someone to listen to him. After a few minutes of conversation, he settled down. He says, "You got to let it out, express yourself." Just be cautious not to throw your pain at your flock. 

Have a great day!


Sunrise Surfing, Relax into the waves

Sunrise surfing! 
The color show filled they sky with a sweet golden orange glow. The air temperature felt a little cool this morning but the water was warm with perfect waves for surfing. Both pelicans and surfers were enjoying the ride.

The message today comes from the surfers. Enjoy the lull between waves and trust in the timing. Sometimes the waves of life can feel pretty daunting, relax into the energy of the wave and enjoy the ride.


Multiple messages today!

The ocean was calm except for perfectly formed waves breaking close to shore. Dolphins were feeding past the waves. Pelican Highway was headed northbound using the waves to cruise along the coast. Fish were jumping in the waves and dragonflies were flying everywhere. The color show was subtle with a peaceful energy.
A few skimmers (birds) are back in town. They are really fun to watch, great acrobats who can turn on a dime as they drag their bottom beak through the water scooping up fish.

Lots of messengers today, pelicans, dragon flies, dolphins, fish, and skimmers! Putting it all together, we have the message of "Flow with the current of life, transformation, play, adaptability, and flexibility." Phew! That's a lot!

Thank You Sally Silvaggio for the best noseeum repelent! I've tried all kinds of natural products but this one is really good! 

Wishing you a day in the flow.

 Dragonfly photobomb

Dragonfly photobomb

 Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold

 Dolphin Cruise

Dolphin Cruise

 Sleepy Skimmer

Sleepy Skimmer




Symbiotic Relationships

The air was heavy with moisture this morning feeling great in my lungs. The ocean current was powerful again this morning while the sky was lit up like a giant creamsicle. 

So many messengers today. Franny the egret wanted to play again, angel the seagull flew in for a close up and Crabby the crab brought a friend. 

Putting it all together the message of today is, take time to play and get close to someone you love. Enjoy symbiotic relationships, the kind of relationships that support and benefit each other.

Wishing you a closeness and symbiosis.

 Pre sunrise beauty

Pre sunrise beauty

 Mr. Crabby has what looks like a Sea Anemone on his back who was breathing and bubbling. An unexpected relationship.

Mr. Crabby has what looks like a Sea Anemone on his back who was breathing and bubbling. An unexpected relationship.



 Egret Angel

Egret Angel

 Coming in for a hug

Coming in for a hug

Love and Kisses

Another day with fluffy clouds creating a gorgeous sunrise. There was a storm to the west giving a nice breeze. The ocean current continues to be very powerful. As I stood in the water I could feel my stress float away with the waves. 

The message today is all about how to show love with hugs and kisses. Our snowy egret says, "I love you this much!"

Wishing you a day felling loved.

 I love you this much!

I love you this much!

 Ray of love coming right at you.

Ray of love coming right at you.

 Willet kisses

Willet kisses


You're not alone

The ocean was churning with a powerful current curtesy of hurricane Florence. Although she is far from Florida, her energy and intensity can be felt through the ocean.
The fluffy clouds on the horizon created a dramatic and complex sunrise. I spent a lot of time with an egret who had a similar personality to Francis (the bird who inspired my photography) He was feeding in the surf, at times the current from even the shallow waves was so strong we would end up just inches from each other. The connection was really fun!

The message today comes from the egret, reminding you connection, love and safety come in many forms. Our seagull friend reminds us there are angels all around, not to worry, you are not alone.

Wishing you a day feeling loved.

 Pre sunrise beauty

Pre sunrise beauty

 Up close and personal

Up close and personal

 How you doin’

How you doin’


Trust your intuition

It was a dark and stormy sunrise this morning. The pre sunrise was a deep pink that changed to a light orange. Pelican Highway seemed to be enjoying another day of huge waves.  
The seagulls were extra friendly, flying by for close encounters. 

Seagulls remind us about perspective, taking time to see things from a different angel. The very powerful ocean reminds us to use discernment, trust your intuition, know when to take action and know when to take a step back. 

Wishing you a groovy day!


Ride the waves, let the stress go

It was a gorgeous pastel color show for us this morning. The huge waves and Pelican Highway were stars of the show. Pelican Highway traffic was busy having a blast riding the waves. The ocean water was warm and felt soft. While standing in the water I could feel the power of the waves taking any stress and tension away.

The messengers today are the waves and the pelicans. Pelicans remind us to have have fun, enjoy the ride as we float through and over the waves in our day.

Enjoy the ride!

 I couldn't decide which pelican flying over the wave I liked better so decided to post both.  

I couldn't decide which pelican flying over the wave I liked better so decided to post both.  


Connect inward with love and compassion

Salt air filled the air and my lungs this morning as the sun came through the clouds on the horizon. The waves were huge, the water felt soft and warm. Pelican Highway was headed southbound again today, with moderate traffic. 

The seagulls, egrets, willet and ruddy turnstones were busy with their morning routines of bathing, fetching breakfast and relaxing. I had the pleasure of connecting with a night heron, they are usually shy and elusive, but this little guy was kind enough to say hello. 

Our messenger is from our seagull friend reminding us to connect inward. Be kind to yourself. 

I'll be away from the beach for a love fest of a wedding. I'll be back at sunrise Monday. See you then!

 Connect inward with love and compassion   

Connect inward with love and compassion



Slowing it down

t was a gorgeous breezy sunrise this morning. The clouds on the horizon created another beautiful painting by Mother Nature. The ocean was churning with a super strong current. Pelican Highway traffic was light going southbound. 

Today we have 3 messengers, the pelican, crab and seagull. The pelican reminds us to go with the flow, this seagull says set the intention to slow down as if freezing moments in time and the crab says stop and take in the day. 

Wishing you a groovy day!


Sing it loud!

It was a breezy morning, the ocean was churning as the sun came up through the clouds on the horizon. The low tide brought us more beautiful reflections. 

The birds were abundant and chatty bringing us the message of using your voice, go ahead, sing it loud and proud. 

Wishing you a groovy day!


Connection and fun

As I walked to the beach before the sunrise the sky was filled with pink and gold swirls. The ocean was churning and the the wind was blowing thanks to tropical storm Gordon. Pelican Highway was surfing the waves, the osprey were fishing while the seagulls bathed.

It's hard to describe the feeling of making eye contact with an osprey. I felt as if time stood still and we had a special moment. I'm always honored to connect with wildlife in this sacred way. As the seagull flew by he gave himself a good shake he said, "Shake off the stress and have a little fun."

Wishing you a day of connection and fun.


Ride the waves and go with the wind

A beautiful stormy start to the day. The pre sunrise was a mixture of pink and grey, once the pink faded the color show was a deep blue gray with silver low light. The combination of the wind and the churned up ocean felt invigorating. 

Let go of your irrational fear and worry. You can trust yourself and the process of life. Ride the waves, go with the wind and enjoy your journey. 

Have a safe and happy day.


The healing gift of Nature

We had a subtle yet powerful color show from Mother Nature this morning. The breeze and the energy were soft and soothing. 
The sunrise beauty, salt air, gentle rolling waves and seagulls remind us to take a moment and breathe in the beauty around you, even if you are focusing on your house plant, or a tree outside your window.  
Enjoy the serenity and healing gift of nature.


Adventure, fun and perspective

There was thunder and lightning before the sunrise. The sun was hidden behind a huge storm cloud for a long time, giving us a low light, serene start to the day. Pelican Highway traffic was flying high and off shore. The seagulls were full of attitude and spunk.

I usually like to have the messenger come from Mother Nature but today, thanks to our flipping friend, the message is all about having fun, adventure and seeing life from a different view.

Wishing you a flipping good day.