The magic of the super blood wolf moon

This morning the super blood wolf moon was setting as the sun was rising. The energy of the two coinciding was powerful, magical and beautiful! The wind was blustery and the ocean was churning as the sun came to bring us some much needed warmth.

This full moon is a good time to contemplate what things you may wish to leave behind, things such as ideas, habits and patterns that no longer serve you. And this moon encourages us to reflect on what we want to bring into our life to build upon for the year to come.

Wishing you a magical day!


A message of feeling balance and safety

The morning started dark and overcast with a moody blue kind of feeling. The sun found a way through the wall of cloud cover on the horizon bringing with it warmth and a soothing peaceful feeling. 

This sweet egret flew in and sat with me for about 5 minutes. Since the egret is the bird who lit my photography passion they have a special place in my heart. I always I feel honored when they come to spend time together. Egrets are great messengers too, they remind us to find balance within our daily life. They also represent the ability to progress and evolve, to walk into deeper waters feeling safety rather than fear. 

Wishing you a beautiful day!


Flying with friends

A few peaceful photos from Mother Nature to start your day. One of my favorite parts of the sunrise is watching and feeling Pelican Highway as they float by. I like to imagine being a part of the flock, enjoying the sensation of flying with my friends supported by the elements. 

Wishing you a day filled with serenity.


Time for Self Care

For almost 2 years I have photographed daily. I love my camera, I love the beauty of Mother Nature and wildlife. Although I love it, my shoulder has asked me to take a few days off to rest and recover. I lieu of real time photos I thought I'd share a few who didn't make the cut.

Todays message is from my shoulder who reminds us to take some time for self care and rest. I have around 300,000 from the past 2 years so I’ll still post here daily.

I'll be back to the sunrise Sunday or Monday depending on weather.  

Have a groovy day!


Heart expanding Beauty

Holy Starburst Batman!  
Another wowzer of a sunrise by Mother Nature. It sure felt like winter today with the wind and cool temperature.

The energy and beauty of the sunrise made me the feeling of my heart expanding. The message today is from Mother Nature who says open your heart to beauty and feel the possibilities and joy of life.

Wishing you a beautiful day!


Stillness, teamwork and grace

The sunrise was pretty amazing today with so many pastel colors and check it out, it looks like Mother Nature is smiling in the clouds. The sky to the south filled with an orange sherbet color while the north was a beautiful purple. The colors in the sky made the green ocean waves look even more inviting. 

Pelican Highway traffic was heavy beach they were coming for a sunrise party! The energy of the party was very invigorating as they dove in to the waves to capture breakfast. 

The pelicans remind us surround yourself with like minded friends. Enjoy working as a community to reach our common goals. They also remind us there are times to be still and allow the world to flow around you. As you enjoy the stillness you can experience the grace and beauty that surrounds you. 

Wishing you a beautiful day!


A message of symbiosis

It was a really windy and a bit nippy this morning. The rays of light coming from the sun through the huge layer of fluffy clouds was beautiful and filled me a sense of reassurance. I wanted to transport myself out to the huge tunnel of Light and absorb the energy and beauty. 

Despite the wind, the wildlife was very active today. The seagulls were flying as a flock down the beach while the dolphins played with their breakfast. Pelican Highway was cruising southbound, using the wind to carry them to their destination. 

The message today is from the dolphins and pelicans working together for breakfast. They remind us of the importance of symbiotic relationships. They say, " Be open to mutual beneficial people, places and things." They also encourage us to play more! 

Wishing you a groovy day!

Pelican Higway

Pelican Higway

The morning commute

The morning commute


Riding the waves of life

A golden sunrise for you to start your Sunday. The sun filled the sky with a vibrant golden glow as it greeted the ocean. The ocean was calm past the choppy waves where dolphins were cruising for breakfast. The osprey traffic was like watching jet liners pass by every couple of minutes as they also cruised the shoreline for breakfast. 

I'm feeling pretty grateful that this one dove for a fish right in front of me just a few feet away. To be so close to an osprey in the water is a special feeling. He brings us the literal message of diving into the waves of life, knowing you will come up for air when you need it and more importantly, fly again. 

Wishing you a day of gentle waves and feelings of smooth flying. 

Have a groovy day!


Multiple messages today!

As I walked out the beach the light catching the fluffy cloud cover was breathtaking. The tide was low giving us a huge beach with lots of reflections. So much action in the bird world today. Seagull drama, vultures soaring high in the thermals, osprey hunting for breakfast and Rudy Tootie returned for time to reflect. 

Lots of messages today!!  
The vulture says, "Relax, be patient."  
The osprey says, " Let go of your worry, it will all work out."

The seagull says, "You'll know when the time is right to seize the moment."  
And last but most important, Rudy Tootie reminds us to love the one your with, yourself. 

PS~ I'm speaking at The Hub on Canal Street New Smyrna Beach from 1-2, it's free and open to the public. 

Have a groovy day!

Good Morning Lady!

Good Morning Lady!

Love the one you’re with

Love the one you’re with

Seagull Tude.

Seagull Tude.

I posted this photo on Facebook yesterday.  I wanted to share because I love how he looks like he is coming in hot and slamming on the brakes.

I posted this photo on Facebook yesterday. I wanted to share because I love how he looks like he is coming in hot and slamming on the brakes.

Relax into the wind

It was really windy this morning! It was interesting to watch the birds navigate the intensity of the wind. Some were really good at using the wind to hold themselves in place while they looked for food. While the wind blew, the sun found its way through the clouds bringing us rays of light and warmth. 

We have 2 messages today. One from the wind, saying resistance is futile, relax into the winds of life rather than fighting them. And a sweet message from our little friend Rudy Tootie aka, Ruddy Turnstone, brings us the reminder to "Fall in love with yourself."

Wishing a day feeling relaxed and in love.


Spread your wings to show your colors

It was a very chilly morning for sunny Florida. The ocean was like a washing machine churning out the waves while the the wind was shipping, blowing the tops of waves.  
There were few clouds giving us a wide open blue skies. 

Willy the Willet brings the message today. Willets are inconspicuous until they open their wings. When they open their wings you can see their vibrant colors. Willy says, go ahead, open your wings and show off your colors.

Have a groovy day!


Wishing you a day of beauty and connection

Good Morning, It's Penny the pelican here again. Shelley asked me to let you know she will be away from the sunrise to be with a dear friend in need.
She wanted to share from photos from this week that didn't make the daily cut. She said to wish you all a beautiful day filled with love and connection.


Find your creativity

It was a beautiful morning. The pre sunrise was pretty in pink with blue skies. As the sun came up it filled the sky with golden rays and warmth. Pelican Highway was jamming today riding the waves along the shore.

Our messenger is the adorable and powerful mockingbird. The Mockingbird’s gifts include finding your sacred song. Finding your song can be anything from a passion, to a creative creative outlet or your voice. They also remind us to recognize our innate abilities and to use knowledge gained on the outside to heal the inside. Thank You Mockingbird your timely wisdom.

Wishing you a day filled with song!


Rays of light bring support

The pre sunrise was dark with a wall of grey clouds on the horizon. Once the sun came up it found a way to shine through the cloud cover giving us a stunning light show. The rays of light peeking through felt special and supportive.

The light was also catching the waves as they rolled toward shore. A very regal osprey flew by in his search for breakfast.

We have a combination message from the rays of light and the osprey. Together they remind us we can dive into the waves of life, we are supported and will find the way back to the surface feeling even stronger than before.

Wishing you a day feeling the rays of love and support.

IMG_38233 (1).jpg

Give yourself a shake to find balance

A cool morning brings us a big and bright sunrise. The sky was wide open with few clouds as the ocean tossed around the waves. The air felt clean and crisp in my lungs as I took in the beautiful sunrise. 

It's been a while since I have had the pleasure of connecting with an egret. Today, this beauty came to watch the sunrise amongst the seagulls. Egrets bring the message of balance. This one in particular says, "Being off balance just means you are recalibrating, give yourself a good shake to find your equilibrium." 

Have a groovy day!


I posted a blog yesterday sharing the year in the life of a New Smyrna Beach dolphin.

Also, I am speaking at the Hub next Sunday from 1-2. I will be sharing how to connect with nature to capture photos of Nature.


A year in the life of a New Smyrna Beach Dolphin

A year in the life of a New Smyrna Beach Dolphin.

I met Momma also known as Mira short for Miracle about a year ago. When I first took her photograph I noticed she had a somewhat recent rope wound below her blow hole. Over the year she has done a great job of healing.
I didn't know when I first met her that she was pregnant. Until we realized she was pregnant, my Facebook friends named her Mira (Miracle) for surviving a rope entanglement.

It wasn't until June of 2018 when Indy was born that I realized she was was a proud momma. I'm pretty sure Indy is boy from the time he showed me his belly. For the first 3 months she was next to him often, but as time goes on, she gives him space to explore, although she is never far away.

Momma spends her time with the maternity pod. The maternity pod helps raise the little ones. Since babies can't echolocate they need lots of adults to keep them running into boats and other objects. ' It takes a village' is really true when it comes to dolphins.

Momma is very playful. Just like Indy, she loves to go fast, chase fish and jump out of the water. I've learned a lot about her in the past year but mostly she is friendly and very sweet. She interacts with me and seems to enjoy playing to the camera.

It's been an honor to watch her and Indy over this past year and look forward to more connection in 2019.


Squawking with passion

The stormy cloud cover gave a dark, yet soft and calm sunrise. The ocean was like a lake except for a few waves adding to the serenity. The sun was visible for about 3 minutes before returning to nest behind the wall of purple. 

The seagulls were very chatty today. They were squawking with passion! They bring us the message of using our voice whether it is speaking your truth, singing your song like no-one is listening or howling at the moon. 

Hoping your day is filled with song!


Conversation with an Osprey

Just before sunrise the color show filled the sky with soft pinks and blues. Seemingly out of nowhere a think layer of fog rolled in and covered the beach. Eventually, the sun slowly found a way out from behind the mysterious fog.

An osprey was perched on a sailboat watching the sunrise and looking for breakfast. He was very sweet and let me take lots of photos. He brings the message of seeing the big picture. He also says, "The changes in you and around you may feel a bit overwhelming of late, not to worry, believe in yourself and you will soar!"

Wishing you a groovy day!


Filling your heart with beauty

Ah, a very calm and beautiful sunrise for us today. The ocean was calm, the breeze was light and the air was warm. The pre sunrise colors filled the sky and my heart. Pelican Highway traffic was light with just a few cruising the shore. A pod of dolphin were having a leisurely stroll just past the waves.

Inhale, Exhale, Repeat as necessary.

Wishing you a day filled with beauty that fills your heart.


Mother Nature brings us hope

Mother Nature brings us hope....

Before walking to the beach this morning I read on Facebook that a friend passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer. She was very loved and will be missed deeply.

She would comment on the sunrise and said it gave her hope. One of the many gifts Mother Nature brings us. While standing on the beach, I looked up to the enormous cloud cover and saw a pair of angel wings in the clouds. This post is in honor of you Laura and everyone we love who are now our angels. Thank you Laura for the sign.

May your day be filled with love.

Subtle but huge angel wings

Subtle but huge angel wings