A few of my favorites from the week

I try to post daily photos on Facebook and Instagram.  Thought it would be nice to share here in case you are not a social media fan.  

I've had a fun few days with pelicans, manatees, dolphins, egrets and herons.  

 Lift Off 

Lift Off 

 Fun with food 

Fun with food 

 Love the snout! 

Love the snout! 

 A striking tri colored heron 

A striking tri colored heron 

 Egrets are excellent at expressing their emotions!  

Egrets are excellent at expressing their emotions!  



 Nailed the landing 

Nailed the landing 

Just Keep Diving!

The pre sunrise was a light pink that turned to a gorgeous golden orange. The breeze felt soft and soothing on my skin. The ocean was wavy and full of energy. 

After yesterday I was excited to see the birds again...another reminder not to be attached to outcomes. Instead of lots of birds, one pelican came to near me to fish, flying back and forth diving for breakfast. 

Pete the pelican says, "Just keep diving, whether you catch a fish or not." Even if you are tired or feel the waves are too big, the pelican reminds us not to give up. You got this.


Connection, Dancing and enjoying the ride

This morning the sun took a back seat. The light reflecting off the water, the waves and the birds were front and center. Pelicans and surfers were enjoying the waves, egrets were feeling the desire to dance and the seagulls were having snacks the waves brought in. 

Mother Nature brings us several messages today. The pelican in the photos flew in to connect and remind us that connection and closeness comes in many forms. The egrets remind us to dance and move to your own groove. The surfers are a great reminder to relax into the waves of life, enjoy the ride.


Float with ease

Thanks to the layer of storm clouds hanging above like a soothing blanket, the morning was extra serene. The light was low and calming. Pelican Highway was pretty busy surfing the waves along the shore while dolphins were snacking just past the waves. 

The osprey and the pelican remind us to relax into the flow. When you feel yourself resisting imagine what it feels like to float with ease while supported by the wind. They also remind us to see the big picture, sometimes a "bird's-eye view" is helpful. 

Wishing you a peaceful day in the flow.


Have fun while letting go of fear


As I was watching the gorgeous pink pre sunrise a dolphin jumped out of the water about 8 feet then surfed a wave. It was thrilling for sure! Pelican Highway continues to pick up traffic as the birds are slowly returning.  
The air was slightly cool this morning with a soft breeze making for a perfect morning.  
Along with the jumping dolphin our message comes from the pelicans. Together they remind us to play and enjoy life while releasing any fear. You are supported and loved.


Be Still

he pre sunrise was a soft and subtle pink color that quickly turned to a magnificent, deep red and orange as the sun made its entrance. Halo (the herring gull) says, "Thanks for my great name FB."

Pelican Highway traffic is picking up in both directions with a rest area at the jetty to rest and pick up a few snacks on the fly.
The pelicans remind us, "Be Still." Allow the world to flow around you for a change. Let its beauty and grace envelope you, filling you with peace.


Breathe, relax and trust

As I felt my feet hit the sand, I felt an immediate sense of peace and gratitude. The pre sunrise was a soft and sweet pink that turned to a vibrant red and orange. The breeze was just right to keep the pesky bugs away. 

Our message today comes from our dove friends, They remind us to, "Breathe, relax into your body, and trust yourself. You will know what to do or what not to do when the time comes." 

Inhale, Exhale, Repeat.


Celebrate the beauty around you

Mother Nature was on fire today! She brings us another day of huge waves and rich colors. There was a nice breeze keeping the temperature perfect.  
The message comes from the gull who says, "Put your hands in the air and celebrate the beauty all around you." 

Wishing you a day filled with beauty and gratitude.


Ride the waves with ease


This morning there were huge storm clouds looming. They created a dynamic and complicated sunrise. The waves were huge and calling the surfers to come play. The message today is to relax into the waves and enjoy the ride. 

Wishing you a groovy day!


Connection and synchronicity

Would love help with a name for my latest friend....

The breeze was light, storm clouds off shore provided a low light, serene sunrise. The color show was subtle and calming. 

For about a month this beautiful herring gull has flown in to watch the sunrise together. This morning he wanted to be close and connect. He says, "Breathe and connect deeper to yourself. Expect synchronicity, connection comes in many forms." 

I would love to call this beauty by name, how about the most popular name by tomorrow at sunrise? 



Ground, expand, ease

Mother Nature delivers another breathtaking sunrise. The breeze was light and soft on my skin. The light reflecting on the ocean waves filled me with a comforting, soothing feeling.

The egret and the pelican bring us a combo message of grounding into the earth, expanding and embodying ease. They remind us of the fine art of being solid like a boulder yet light like a feather. 

While feeling your feet connected to the earth, imagine you are gliding like the pelican carried by the wind beneath your wings. 

Wishing you a day in the flow.


A message from the Osprey

A spectacular color show from Mother Nature this morning. Storm clouds on the horizon created another original painting including all the colors of the rainbow from pink, purple to deep red to a soft orange creamsicle. The ocean was calm, dolphins were feeding off shore, Pelican Highway was cruising northbound, and an osprey flew overhead looking for a snack.

The Osprey says, "You are reminded that what is in front of you is enough. Things are not always better on the the other side of the horizon. Relax and rest into the flow, you can trust."


Let the wind support your wings

It was a breezy day with lots of fluffy clouds on the horizon. The light reflecting on the ocean created a beautiful silver hue on the waves. 

This morning we are visited by this sweet dove who stopped me in my tracks as I was walking on the boardwalk. She sat with me for a few minutes staring at me with those expressive eyes. She says the message today is to surrender and allow the wind support your wings. Simply get moving so that you can experience the exhilaration of flying higher and higher.

"Alternatively, in this case Dove meaning could also be letting you know that you need to simply stop and take a few deep breaths. Therefore you must let go of the turmoil that is currently surrounding you and take the time to find peace within you. Hence, what you see right now is reality shifting in ways you never thought possible and that what you are truly looking for is just around the corner. The most chaos happens just before your dreams come true." ~ Carol Hermesh

IMG_99253 copy.jpg

Pre sunrise beauty to start your day.

Mother Nature started her fireworks early this morning with a lightning show just 10 miles off shore. The lightning was a little intense cutting the sunrise photoshoot short. Just a few photos from he pre sunrise to start your day.  

Have a safe day!


Balance, support and connection

The morning started with a copper colored pre sunrise. As the sun greeted us, she filled the sky with a gorgeous golden, orange glow. Dolphins were cruising by in the waves as a flock of egrets grabbed a few snack on shore.

The egret reminds us to stay in balance. They bring us the message of remaining steady as we walk into deeper waters without fear. 
Today the egret seems extra special since he looks like he has angle wings. May you feel connected to your personal angels as you walk through the waves of the day.


A gorgeous sunrise with lots of action today. The pre sunrise colors were a soft pink and blue that turned to A vibrant golden orange glow. 
The moon was shining above as the sun made its way through the puppy dog shaped clouds. Seagulls were feasting near the shore, a crab was giving himself a bath, Pelican Highway was cruising both directions while a couple of dolphin were feeding just past the waves. 

The message today comes from our seagull and fish, they remind us to slow down and take in each moment, enjoy the fullness and textures of each precious moment. 

Wishing you a day filled with sweetness.

FYI~ I have added updated photos to the Manatee, Pelican, and Dolphin gallery.


 Puppy dog cloud

Puppy dog cloud

 A dose of sungazing

A dose of sungazing

 Slowing down to enjoy each precious moment. 

Slowing down to enjoy each precious moment. 

 Windshield wipers to clean his eyes. 

Windshield wipers to clean his eyes. 

 You talking to me? 

You talking to me? 

Connection comes in many forms

Another low light sunrise with heavy clouds on the horizon. The breeze was light and the oceans was calm. Dolphins were happily playing off shore while Pelican Highway was cruising southbound.

This probably won't surprise you if you know me, but I talk to the birds and other wildlife. This adorable gull seemed to be trying to understand what I was saying, a nice reminder that connection comes in many forms. She brings the message of listening to yourself and others, oh and don't forget to have a good stretch.

Wishing you a day of connection.


Stand tall and Be still


It was a very low light sunrise this morning. A layer of clouds lined the horizon, preventing the sun from peeking through. A layer of fog hovered the beach which also kept the light low but the moisture felt soothing on my lungs. 

The message today comes from the this Green Heron. Usually the Green Heron is seen scrunched down rather than standing tall like this one. Green Herons are skilled at being very still for long periods of time when trying to catch a snack. S/he reminds us to stand tall and take time to Be Still, rest deeper into stillness. 

On a personal note, I received a personal message to unplug even more..... As I was standing on the dock taking photos, my phone fell out of its pouch and into the river. As I watched it sink I felt a weight lift off me. Then I immediately felt bad about polluting the river. If you're trying to reach me, I am unplugged for now. 

Enjoy a day of Stillness and unplugging.