Follow the Flow

This morning the skies were clear and  the air was crisp. It has been cloudy for the past few days so I was extra happy to feel the sun again.  

After I take the sunrise photos I walk the beach to visit with my bird friends.  One of my favorite spots to photograph birds is at the jetty where many types of birds like to hang. It's my comfortable, happy place. Today when I arrived at the jetty, 4 photographers were already there, so I kept walking.  I am so glad I did, because I ran into Grace the tern and Sully the seagull.  Grace said, "It's important to go with with flow, and follow the energy rather than stay in your comfort zone."  "Let go of how you want things to unfold." 

If I stayed at the jetty, I would have missed Sully giving me a raspberry.  Thanks Sully and Grace for reminding me to go with the flow.  

IMG_2744 copy.jpg