A Sunrise Rescue

This morning the humidity was high giving the air a wet heavy, calm and peaceful feeling.   I am excited to say I saw the green flash for the first time when the sun was rising.  

As I was walking off the beach,  I saw this sweet bird hanging around.  Two gentlemen walked by the bird and the bird didn't move, giving me the first clue he needed help.  I walked up to him, called him Buddy and asked if he needed help.  He came close but didn't seem sure of my intentions. I took off my jacket to wrap him up and asked, "Do you want to go see the doctor?"  He took a few steps in the opposite direction and fell down, giving me the opportunity to pick him up and swaddle him.  I called a friend for a ride and off we went to the bird hospital where he was among other feathered friends and able to get treatment. 

In a world where it can be easy to feel powerless, it felt really  good to be helpful.  Wishing my new feathered friend a speedy recovery.