Trust the guidance of your emotions and intuition

It's a balmy 31 here at New Smyrna Beach. The sand was frozen as I walked on the beach, the air was crisp, and the wind was blowing making it feel more like 26 degrees 

As I walked out to the beach I met little Dove who has our totem message for the day, "She is reminding you in order to soar, you must know when to move your wings and when to allow the wind to take you to new heights. " "You are receiving true divine guidance through your feelings and intuition." "Trust it."

I was driving to a class in north Florida a few years back.  It was a Friday afternoon, the roads were slick from a light rain and people were driving aggressively.  I had the thought to get off the highway and get gas to take a break from the chaos.  As I was getting gas I tuned into my body and felt uncomfortable getting back on the highway.  I found an alternate route that would add a little time to my trip but felt it was better than the mayhem on the interstate.  The next day the front page of the paper reported 4 different car accidents on that highway involving 30 cars! 

A lovely reminder to trust my feelings and intuition. May you have a day of tuning in and trusting yourself.