Trusting the process....again

Mother Nature brought the message "Trust the Process' in multiple ways today. 

I used to collect stray dogs and cats, lately I have been attracting wounded birds and lizards.    Due to the intense weather, the fish are washing on shore frozen and the lizards are freezing. I am keeping 2 lizards warm and plan to release them later today when the sun is shining bright. Although I trust the process, I still find it painful to see animals and people having hard time. Another opportunity to feel,  let go and trust. 

While taking sunrise photos this morning, the wind was whipping,  I found myself feeling annoyed with the intensity of the wind.  I stopped and took a minute to feel my body, I conscioulsy relaxed into my feet.  I noticed my body relaxing rather than fighting the wind.  In that instance the wind stopped being annoying and my body felt calm and peaceful.  

Thanks to Mother Nature I continue to fine tune the art of not resisting, and trust how life is unfolding.  I continue to have opportunities to acknowledge how I feel and then let the pain and resistance go, making it easier to trust the process of life.