Moving forward fearlessly

The fog is lingering but it was more like a light snuggly blanket today. The sun came up as a big beautiful ball of light to illuminate the morning. The combination of fog and sun filled the sky with a magical bronze light.

Pelican Highway traffic was light today but the seagulls were abundant and ready to play. One of the seagulls said the message to end the year is, "Let go of the past and move forward." What a perfect message to end 2018.

One of the way to start the new year is to set an Intention rather than a resolution. You can think of one or two words to set in action what it is you want for 2019. Feel free to share your word with us, if you feel inspired.

A word of caution.....these can be very powerful. The year I chose 'Expansion' as my intention for the year, everything in my life changed so I could expand.

Thanks for all your support and encouragement in 2018. Please be safe and Happy New Year!

P.S. I have requests for yesterdays foggy photos, I posted a few at the end of todays photos.

Moving forward fearlessly

Moving forward fearlessly

See the Ram?  They symbolize new beginnings and personal power

See the Ram? They symbolize new beginnings and personal power