A loon asks for assistance

It was a humid golden start to the day.  The energy was calm and peaceful as the sun peaked though the clouds.  As I was taking photos I snapped a few photos of this loon and quickly realized she needed a little help to get out of the waves that were pummeling her. 

Loons migrate at this time of year. The next couple of weeks is when they 'fall out' form being exhausted. As if migrating wasn't hard enough loons start to molt once they arrive. When they are molting they can't fly. That was probably what happened this morning, she couldn't fly to escape the waves. 

Also, loons don't walk on land like other birds so they need to stay in the water or fly. 

I put my sweatshirt down and she hoped on like a raft.  I took her to the bird hospital, they said she was skinny and needed fluids to help her get back on track. Once she is hydrated and little plump, they will release her into the river so she doesn't have to battle the waves.