Freedom to choose your path

TGIF! I love mornings when the full moon is setting as the sun is rising. The energy always feels expansive. 
The wind was powerful today. It was belong the tops of the waves making beautiful art with the sunlight. 

As I was taking photos of the moon, a vulture landed about 6 feet away and stared. I told him I wasn't dead yet.... He was insistent on sharing the message of the day. 

"Vulture is asking you to be patient with yourself and think things through. Take your time before making decisions and choose paths that support your higher consciousness and your heart. Use all of your resources combined with your past experience to approach the problem from a different angle. Know that you are always free to choose your own path but be flexible while moving forward. Allow yourself to use all of your senses to navigate through this situation for your highest benefit." ~Carol Hermesh