Reflections, teamwork and a rescue

Another day of reflections.  
The tide and the light were low giving us a soft reflection on the water and sand. When I walked out to the beach I saw this gull I thought, I've never seen one that color before. He also looked a little rough around the edges. By now the most of the gulls have migrated north, which made me think he was in need of assistance. 

He could flap his wings but couldn't fly, leaving him stranded. The vet at the hospital said he is sun bleached which is why he is almost white. He is super skinny and needs a little TLC. Thank you Linda Addalia for your wonderful and amazing, calm assist in capturing this little nugget so he can get the help he needs. Great teamwork! 

This little nugget brings us the message of teamwork and supporting each other when life makes us feel a little rough around the edges. 

After yesterdays events, if felt good to be helpful. Today I remember Roy's words, "Even in sadness, there will always be good in the world."