Move swiftly, sometimes sideways


Instead of the forecasted rain we had a gorgeous sunrise with lots of messengers and beauty.

The pelican and seagull party was in full swing at the jetty. They were riding the waves, and gorging on the seafood buffet. Lots of visible crabs today- they are called ghost crabs because they scurry around in a flash and you usually don't see them. And 2 ducks were enjoying the sunrise together. Putting the messages together, this is what they say. The crab says come out of your shell and remember sometimes in life you have to go sideways to find your destination. The ducks know when to move swiftly so your ideas can take flight. The pelicans and seagulls remind us to spend time together having fun while enjoying your abundant life.

Move swiftly, sometimes sideways while playing in the waves of life! TGIF