Sing and dance like no-one is watching


The pre sunrise filled the sky with a gorgeous swirl making the sky look like an expansive oil painting. There was a wonderful cool breeze. Traffic was light on Pelican Highway and a few dolphins were feeding past the waves.

The message today comes form the flock of sea gulls.
"It’s time to take a different perspective on things. Take a moment and step back from everything that you are currently dealing with and look at it from a different angle. 

Your solution lies in changing your attitude towards the problem at hand. Soar above the drama and look through your own emotional boundaries so that you can find creative new ways to move forward. There is a clue in using the long hidden resources you already have."

"Alternatively Seagull is reminding you that everything has a purpose and that there are currently many things in your life that need to be redefined and reassigned. Take a moment to sort through the clutter and let go of that which you can no longer use." ~ Carol Hermesh.

As you can see from the photos they also want us to spend a little more time singing and dancing. Go ahead dance and sing as if no one is watching.