Play, community, Float, and solid

It was another very quiet and calm morning, at least at first. It stayed quiet but the energy of the morning gained momentum.

The pelicans, dolphins and seagulls received the invitation to feast, and boy did they ever. Pelican Highway was in full swing, they were diving and flying everywhere. The seagulls were flying in flocks and also grabbing breakfast. Dolphins were both close to shore and off shore having a great time, speeding toward the fish. 

And, as if that wasn't enough fun, it seemed like Francis (the egret who started my bird journey) flew in, landed next to me and stared at me, as you can see in the last photo, he was very communicative. We had a nice connection until I had to leave.

WOW! I know I always say this, but this morning was pretty amazing.

Today the message is again from the dolphins, joined by the pelicans and Francis the egret. Putting them all together, we get the message of community, play, float through your emotions and remember to remain grounded and solid.
Wishing you a beautiful day.