Stand tall and Be still


It was a very low light sunrise this morning. A layer of clouds lined the horizon, preventing the sun from peeking through. A layer of fog hovered the beach which also kept the light low but the moisture felt soothing on my lungs. 

The message today comes from the this Green Heron. Usually the Green Heron is seen scrunched down rather than standing tall like this one. Green Herons are skilled at being very still for long periods of time when trying to catch a snack. S/he reminds us to stand tall and take time to Be Still, rest deeper into stillness. 

On a personal note, I received a personal message to unplug even more..... As I was standing on the dock taking photos, my phone fell out of its pouch and into the river. As I watched it sink I felt a weight lift off me. Then I immediately felt bad about polluting the river. If you're trying to reach me, I am unplugged for now. 

Enjoy a day of Stillness and unplugging.