Slow and steady says the snail

My serotonin levels are through the roof, feeling high again from the spectacular sunrise.  
Imagine you are standing on the beach, the ocean is calm with powerful surf waves close to shore. To your left on the horizon is light rain, a few clouds and the sun starting to peek through. To your right is a huge fluffy rain cloud moving toward the sun to say hello. The convergence of the sunrise and the rain cloud created a spectacular other worldly sunrise. 

Along with a a very powerful sunrise we have an equally powerfull but tiny messenger, the snail. The snail message reminds us that any pace is a good pace. In other words, what seems like forever is just a small moment of time. 
Also, the snail reminds us spending so much time focusing on our goals we may miss something that is right in front of us right now. Snail says it is time to let go for a moment so that we may see it.

Have a great day!