Little Blue Heron says, "you Got this."

The pre sunrise was a beautiful soft pink color which turned to a very deep, rich golden glow. The sun looked like a giant eye in the sky behind the hazy layer of clouds.
The message today comes from the Little Blue Heron. The little blue herons look somewhat similar to a red egret and a blue heron. 

According to North American Native tradition, the Blue Heron brings messages of self-determination and self-reliance. They represent an ability to progress and evolve. No matter your size, just rest deeper into your body to feel solid and strong.

FYI....The US Coast Guard, Ponce de Leon Inlet station is having an open house tomorrow at 12 to celebrate their 80th year anniversary. They graciously invited me to bring my photos, I'll be at a table outside. Would love to see you, come say hello!