Spread your wings!

It's a beautiful Monday! The sun created displayed gorgeous rays of light as it passed through the clouds. The breeze was just right, the ocean was churning and Pelican Highway was busy going southbound. 

Our messenger today is Willy the Willet. He loves to fly fast, fish while wading int he water and hang with his flock. Willets look somewhat nondescript until they open their wings to fly and show their colorful wings. He says, "Go ahead, spread your wings and show off your beauty!"

Just for fun I wanted to share a sweet photo I took yesterday.  ~The last photo is of Ozzie and Harriet, they are 2 pigeons who live across the street on the river side.  They have a waterfront home under the dock.  They are very much in love, I see them kissing and connecting often.  Thought you might enjoy a little love to start your Monday.  

Wishing you a day filled with love and beauty.