A very special experience

No sunrise today dies to a huge storm blowing through sunny Florida.

A fun dolphin tidbit~ Dolphins have the ability to echolocate anything, including humans. Dolphins can use their sonar to send energy to each other, other sea life and humans.  We can send healing energy too, whether its through prayer or focused intention.

Something pretty amazing happened Tuesday in the lagoon. This is the dolphin I call Momma. I've known her a year and have spent a good amount of time with her. Today, she came about 10 feet from me and just hung out. I felt as if we were having a conversation. I felt really honored and really excited at how close she was and was marveling in the trust we have built with each other.

Our conversation lasted about 3 minutes! I tried to convey my gratitude and immense love for her, Indy (her baby) and her pod mates. At the very least, I am certain momma and I had an energy exchange leaving me feeling very grateful for the connection.

After the special moment with momma I was able to join in dinner time with the flock of pelicans who were begging for scarps at the docks. I have to say being in the flock while they are eating is exhilarating!

Wishing you a day of connection and Love.