Life lessons from a pelican

The post for today started yesterday……

Shineadoors Unite!  
(Shineadoors are helpful people shining the light). 

This is Ace, named by his rehab bracelet which says AC5. Ace appears to have an injured left wing. I live in a great community where lots of people around the docks have been keeping an eye on him and noticing his decline over the past few weeks. 

Yesterday at low tide my friend Linda Addalia and I walked out to see if Ace was ready to go back to the hospital. We took a bag of mullet in hopes of enticing him. Ace was seriously hungry, he took one mullet from us, saw the Tupperware container with the bag of mullet a few feet away, strolled over and tried to eat the entire bag of fish in one bite! 

Picking up any bird can be a little tricky but Ace was so tired he practically jumped in the basket and eagerly accepted more fish with great pleasure. 

Thanks to Joe Addalia and Devin Dejarlais for your assistance! It takes a village to help our wildlife thrive. 

This morning Ace went to the Marine Science Center where the doc said he’s from South Carolina. He was in rehab in South Carolina for his broken wing. After being released from the hospital in South Crolina he headed for vacation in sunny Florida where he most likely fractured the same wing and injured his foot. Great news, the doc expects a full recovery with time. 

Pelican tidbit- they breathe through their beak, so you never want to hold it tightly shut. Even though my hand is on his beak I have a loose hold, giving him breathing room.

The sunrise post for today …….

This morning was really windy and pretty nippy for sunny Florida. The ocean was churning like a washing machine. The sun made a soft entry behind the cloud cover on the horizon before popping out and shining bright. 

Each time I spend quality, connecting time with wildlife I feel as if I am changed for the better. Spending time with Ace was an honor. 

Before dropping Ace off at the hospital, he said he wanted to share "Life lessons from a pelican." He says, "Life is messy, and sometimes there is A LOT of stinky poop." "It's good to ask for help, and share your experiences with friends, sometimes you might even meet new friends." He says, "When life feels overwhelming and a little scary, just let yourself have a good poop, it’s a great relief or if that isn't your thing, just lean on your friends for some love and safety." 

Thanks for the opportunity to be helpful Ace, we are all rooting for you. 

There will always be good in the world ~ Roy Desjarlais.