Rolling with the current

This morning there was a little pink and yellow surrounded but blue, grey storm clouds. 

The ocean was churning with intensity. As I watched the buoy bounce from side to side, I thought, I know many of us have felt tossed around by the waves of life. As that thought crossed my mind, a pelican flew by with grace andease, floating over the waves, using the power and intensity of the waves to reach his destination. 

Our message today is from the buoy and pelican. They remind us that the waves may seem big and a little rough at times, but the buoy says, just roll with the current and Mr. Pelican says, harness the energy to soar even further. 

Wishing you a day rolling with the current.

FYI…….I’ll be at The Hub on Canal Street from 10-2, if you are in the neighborhood come say hello. I’ll have calendars, coasters, notecards, phone covers, and a few other items.