Wind beneath your wings

There was a comforting layer of fog hanging over the ocean and beach. The super moon was gently setting as the gorgeous sun came to greet the day bringing with it a powerful light show. The ocean was churning with a powerful intensity. 

We have 2 messengers today, the sweet dove and the super snow moon.

The dove brings the message of surrender. She reminds us to allow the wind to support our wings. She says, go with the flow and not to worry, you will know what to do when the time comes. Relax, center yourself and breathe, new beginnings are on the way. 

Our other messenger is the snow moon which is known for its energies of cleansing, healing the spirit, inner strength, and transformation. The snow moon adds and extra powerful boost to our intentions. The moon would love to support your intentions, just take a few minutes to ask for what you want, then let it go, trust your power to manifest. 

May you feel the wind beneath your wings.