Mother Nature brings a powerful message of support and love

Before the sunrise the sky filled with wispy soft pink brush strokes but as the sun came up the energy shifted to powerful The sky filled with a deep orange and then a face appeared to pop through the clouds. 

We have 2 equally powerful messengers today, the dove and cardinal. The dove brings us the message of peace. She says, "I'm here to remind you to relax your mind. I am the bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world, and assure you that you are not alone." 

After seeing the adorable dove who looked straight into my eyes and melted my heart, I ran into this gorgeous cardinal who was singing to his partner in the distance. I listened to the two of them sing back and forth, imagining they were sharing their dreams, desires and love for each other. 

With the face in the clouds, a dove and cardinal, I'd say we have a powerful message that we are supported and loved.