Inner pollution leads to external pollution.

here were dark stormy clouds lingering above the shore line as the sun greeted us this morning. The breeze was light and soothing on my skin. Dolphin were feeding just past the wave break. 

Today the message comes from me, and is inspired by the hundred candles left on the beach. Everyday there is garbage left on the beach, but seeing these candles everywhere left me feeling sad.

I wanted to share the intention of my photography‚Ķ. I have always loved Eckhart Tolle's quote that says, "Our external pollution is a reflection of our internal pollution." 

My hope of sharing the beauty of Mother Nature is for twofold. I have experienced the healing from the beauty of nature. Mother Nature was the very first therapist, she helps us ground and center. She helps us feel the possibility of expansion and how powerful and wondrous life can be. 

Connecting to wildlife on a personal level is also healing. Animals bring tremendous joy. To have eye contact from an animal, whether its a dog, cat, dolphin or bird can help our hearts feel whole and loved. 

What I know is the better we feel, the better we treat ourselves, each other and the environment. 

Thanks for listening, our normal programming will resume tomorrow  :)