Speak from your heart

I apologize for being so late with the sunrise photos, I couldn’t drag myself out of the water because the dolphins started playing shortly after sunrise and stayed for hours. The last 2 photos are from the sunrise last night. I shared more on Facebook on my Shelley Lynch Photography page.

As the sun came up from behind the huge cloud formation on the horizon, rays of light jetted out filling the sky with beams of gold. The beach was huge again courtesy of low tide. The breeze was soft and soothing to my skin. 

We have a couple of messengers today. I think the bird is a crow. He was taking a walk on the beach looking for snacks. He was very persistent in wanting to have a conversation. He reminds us to share our thoughts and feelings rather than keeping them inside. Our second messenger is the dolphin who reminds us to speak those feelings from the heart with tender loving care. And as always, take time to jump and play! 

Wishing you an amazing day!