Windows to the soul

There was a breezy chill in the air as the sun greeted us from behind a wall of clouds on the horizon. The ocean was more like a lake today with the usual breaking wakes close to shore. 

Pelican Highway traffic was light, they seemed to be floating by using the current of the waves and wind to carry them swiftly down the beach. A few egrets were fishing along with a willet and one lone seagull. 

Last night I dreamt I was swimming with dolphins (I know not a surprise 😄) the interesting part was one of the dolphins kept coming up and staring at me with his/her eye. This morning as I was standing in the lagoon a manatee swam by about 10 feet away. As s/he swam by she lifted her head enough to show me her eye which was a surprise, usually all you get to see is the nose. Then a dolphin swam by and the reflection of the sun captured the eye just below the water. I felt excited about the connections!

The message today comes from the eyes, reminding us to observe, focus and be open to seeing more than meets the eye. They remind us to broaden our awareness to more possibilities. It is said the eyes are the window to the soul, may you feel connection, love and safety through your windows. 

Have a beautiful day friends!