Open your wings and show off your beauty.

Another calm and gorgeous sunrise sponsored by Mother Nature. When I walked out the door the first thing I saw was the moon was shining brightly with planet Jupiter. (I think) 

With little clouds in the sky, a calm ocean and low tide, it was as if the beach, ocean and sky ran together giving the feeling of expansion. A flock of willets flew northbound while light traffic on Pelican Highway was flying southbound. 

The message today comes from Jupiter and the willets. Jupiter is the largest planet and represents strength and expansion. It reminds us we are strong and can "Go Big." It's safe to expand your heart to feel even more love and joy. The colors of the willet when their wings are closed are somewhat nondesscript but when they open their wings to fly, their colors and beauty are breathtaking. 

A wonderful message to expand, open your wings and show off your beauty. Take flight my friends.

Sun kisses

Sun kisses