Tales from the lagoon- Episode pelican party!

Tales from the lagoon~ Episode Pelican Party

Did you hear growing up, "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye?" Well, that applies to the Pelican Party. Only the elite athletes or elders are invited. Occasionally a brave young (immature all brown) pelican will jump in, but it is rough! 

The 5th photo, is a white headed pelican I call George who has a tear in his gullet, most likely from another pelican diving for a fish in the mosh pit. If the tear is small it can heal up, let's hope George can hela himself. 

The party is intense but a birds gotta eat and the dolphins stir up the fish for them to feast. The bonus today was I saw a dolphin throw a fish to a pelican and the pelican caught it! 

I've been around Florida and dolphins most of my life and I'ven ever experienced anything quite like these dolphins and pelicans. Today the dolphins were throwing fish to the pelicans which they were super happy about! 

Nature Reality TV is the best!

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A dolphin threw this fish to the pelican.

A dolphin threw this fish to the pelican.