Hang with your flock and enjoy alone time too

The storm has passed bringing us a gorgeous sunrise. The wind was blowing and the ocean was churning with intensity. The sun was able to shine bright once it was through the layer of clouds on the horizon.

As I was standing on the beach asking for the messenger, to the south I noticed a huge flock coming my way. At first I thought it was pelican Highway but much to my surprise it was a flock of cormorants! Cormorants are versatile and amazing birds. Sometimes they spend time with a flock but they also enjoy alone time. They can dive deep and swim like fish and can also fly.

They bring us the message today of knowing when to join a flock or to spend time alone. They remind us we have lots of tools to help us navigate life. They also say it's really safe to dive deep, be assured you will come back to the surface.

Wishing you a beautiful day friends!