Hi, My name is Penny. Shelley asked me to tell you she won't be able to photograph the sunrise today. 

She is said something about the early bird catches the worm which just sounds gross, why not just eat fish. 

Anyway, she is taking her feathered and flippered friends to The Hub Gallery. They have to be there bright and early to find their place on the wall for the opening Saturday. 

She said, she will be back tomorrow and to wish you a wonderful day.


THANK YOU everyone for your support and encouragement. Thank you to all who came to the Tales from the lagoon presentation last night. Your support is priceless. 

Thank You Joe Addalia for the photos. Thank you Linda Addalia for being the best pit crew, handling all the little details and for your friendship. Thank You Kathy Menke and Jack for your help, support and cheerleading! Thank You to the Marriott for a great conference room. 

I can't wait to tell my flippered friends all about it. I'm overwhelmed with Gratitude!