Keep your focus and be open to adapting

The pre sunrise swirls in the sky were like magnificent brush strokes catching the light as the sun came up to greet us. The tide was low giving us the mirror image of the sky in the sand. There was a really nice breeze keeping the bugs away and filling my lung and heart with salt and serenity. 

We have 2 messengers today. The pelican who says, "Sometimes you have to slow down to get perspective on where to go next." 

And the Blue Jay, a highly respected bird in the aviary world. The Blue Jay reminds us to be assertive and determined using our intelligence to know the next steps to take. He also encourages us to be courageous and adaptable. He says, "You got this, keep your focus, be open to changing quickly and trust you are supported." He added, it helps to sing when you feel overwhelmed.  :)

Wishing you an amazing day!