Tales from the Lagoon ~ Episode -Happy Buddha is Always Smiling

Tales from the Lagoon ~ Episode - Happy Buddha is always smiling. 

Today I had the pleasure of hanging with Happy Buddha for a long time just the two of us. I've known him since April 2018. He is the first dolphin that came close to me and really let me get to know his personality. He's not always around but he does seem to come when I need guidance, my guardian dolphin angel. For those of you who are just tuning in, I know he is male and approximately 25 years old. 

Today, he was his usual engaging and playful self. As you can see he is always smiling! Often he has his mouth open like he is laughing and having a good time. 

He came close several times. In the last photo, he was close enough that I turned to avoid getting the camera wet. 

Happy Buddha lets me know he's coming close by lifting his head a little, I think using his echolocation to know exactly where I am, then he heads in my direction. We have done this several times over the past year and we have built a trust with each other. Truly an honor to have such a beautiful connection with a massive dolphin.

Splash zone alert!

Splash zone alert!