opportunity in unexpected places.

The breeze was cool this morning courtesy of a rainy week here in sunny Florida. It's still low tide at sunrise which creates tide pools. We had a surprise visit from a flock of seagulls who decided not to fly north for the summer. They love to snack in and around the tide pools. 

The seagulls bring us the message of looking at life from different angels. They encourage us to take a step back, give your head a tilt to see how things look. Seagulls are also very resourceful, and remind us to look for opportunity in unexpected places. 

I also had quality time with a pelican at sunrise. He and I watched the sunrise together for a long time with lots of eye contact and connection. His presence was vey calming and sweet. It felt like we had a long conversation for about 20 minutes. When he left, he flew just a few feet above my head giving me a energy blast of love.

Feeling grateful.

Wishing you a beautiful day filled with love and connection.

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