Tales from the Lagoon~ Episode- Reunited and it feels so good!

Tales from the Lagoon~ Episode- Reunited and it feels so good. 

I had the great pleasure of hanging out with Happy Buddha today for a few hours in a couple of weeks. He was his usual friendly self, swimming close and interacting myself and the solo pelican. Sometimes he can be more serious but today he seemed very happy with light and bouncy energy. 

Happy Buddha has #918 on his dorsal fin from a health assessment in 2004. He is a 25 year old male dolphin and is the first dolphin I got to know up close and personal. 

I also enjoyed a little manatee love. its illegal to touch a manatee, but they can approach a person. While photographing Happy Buddha a manatee came up and brushed up against my legs. S/he wanted a little petting on the algae so I placed my hand out and let her move around to the places that felt good. As s/he was sniffing my shoes I bent down and s/he came up, exhaled and gave me a little manatee breath in my face. So cute! For a vegetarian they sure do have fishy breath. :)

Such a joy to have quality time together today. Stay tuned for more Tales from the Lagoon.